Bike Skills Coaching

Taking bike skills lessons is the best way to improve confidence, improve your race results, or to finally learn that skill!

Peter Glassford is a Chartered Professional Coach and Registered Kinesiologist with over 20 years of bike skills coaching. He specializes in helping off-road cyclists develop and apply skills to goals like group rides, technical trails and races using private and semi-private (<3 people) sessions.

Ride Bikes Confidently Quicker

Our unique philosophy and years of experience get you riding confidently sooner by considering the environment you practice in, the tools/obstacles and trails we play on and the goals you work towards in each ride. Peter draws upon 20+ years of experience in multiple cycling disciplines and sports to create an ideal setting for achieving your goals.

Ride in Collingwood and Mansfield

To allow for the richest learning environment and a guided experience we encourage you to come to Collingwood or Dufferin Forest/Mansfield. Upon request we travel across North America for clinics and camps. All ages and abilities are welcome for our sessions and disciplines include all offroad cycling disciplines – bike-packing, mountain biking, gravel, cyclocross and enduro.

Peter's Bike Skills Videos

Pricing for Bike Skills Lessons

Single Bike Skill Lesson

$175 + HST 

3 pack of Skills Lessons

$400 + HST