Friday, April 20, 2012

Son Manni, the veterinarian (2012 sea otter short track + bike tech secrets)

- all black everything ? Guess ?

I love dogs ... Dogs love bontrager tires ( or cardboard it's attached to)

Ms sin inspired me to embrace cooking everything on BBQ ... Ground meat from package to foil ( i realize burgers are ground meat)

Sweet potatoes and artichokes from are very generous hosts ... Blanched for 10 min and finished on BBQ

Almost made a fatal tea selection this morning before short track ! Green for go , blue for bed .
short track crazy as always at sea otter ... 5-6 Laps to go got pulled ... Felt decent , Holmes Landscape needs to come down here and groom a few more lines into the course .
Watson and I are now fighting again as he told me I looked fat on the startline today ... News team assemble!!

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