Friday, April 27, 2012

And the whiskers. (2012 Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit Rules, Results, Photos)

Interesting Fact from the 20min+3lap crit race 
  - Total climbing was around 700meters the xc race on sunday (50mi) is ~2286m so we should be able to finish the xc race in 90min if we stop screwing around ;) 


2286 / 750 = 3.04800

Photo of the start, which featured a front line about 4 lanes wide narrowing in 20 feet to 1 lane wide with right hander and hay. In old school mtb fashion no call-ups, so many of the 'big guns' (including Peter 'short tracker' Glassford) were on the 2nd row (link to photo). Rubbed elbows with Kabush through the right hander then as you can see above was up in the big bubble the first time up the climb. Some huge efforts to keep closing the gap each lap. Each lap 1-4 guys would pop and then I'd have to close the gap up to the lead group again. By about lap 4 or 5 the group was pretty whittled down but I was at my limit of 1min on / 1min off and took a granny gear break before resuming my chasing. I think I ended up somewhere in top 10-15 but who knows!?!?! 

 Superfly Set up for Crit Racing with -17 Stem from Bontrager, and Huge Novelty Number plate for extra aerodynamics 
White wall Bongrager 38C Tires for the Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit 2012

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