Monday, March 19, 2012

Every time I look over, you're on your ass again. (Grant Park Cleanup, Crushed Car and Get My Money Right Zach)

TayNeezy cleaned up Grant Park in full Feedzone garb
This aided me in performing some Deliberate Practice and airing huge 
(*previous day I got a nice hip raspberry from dead sailor to nose wheeley landing) 

Cool down through Camarillo before NOT eating at In And Out
Some high winds maybe ? 

Oh and been watching a lot of youtube in this latest block of go hard / sit on couch

Oh and congrats to Emily, DZ, CPendrel on solid weekends on what looks like the best course ever made ?
  - watch the World Cup #1 South Africa race here (red bull and other sponsors / organizers did super job )
   - watch emily batty's best post-race interview yet ... very well done

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