Monday, February 28, 2011

- It's too hardcore. - Well, do you want to be alone

2 great days on the bike in Malibu Area
First day avec Mes Amis Franc et Raph. Nous Allons a location de VTT
Tempo avec Francis ... Raph faire du Interval

Then today with My Ontario based friend MattF who has been down for a Sunny block of endurance ... a good break from lifting heavy weights in the gym and on the Farm
We did a loop that is now my favorite loop I have done here, and likely in my top 3 favorite loops
  Starbucks Malibu to Starbucks Malibu (pick up mattf), back track PCH to Latigo, Up Latigo (43min PCH to Kanan), Mullholland to Stunt, Stunt to Tuna Canyon (see Link to Red Bull Rage Race) ... down Tuna Canyon despite some closed status and crazy bridge construction (snuck by with madd cyclocross and sneaky skills to the amusement of Mattf) and then back to original Starbucks.

Thanks to all companions for great rides ... definitely makes the training easier !


Saturday, February 26, 2011

There is no room for error. Secret Service. Consequences.

Life Goal #132 completed ... GKboom Twitter shout out ... sort of :)  (* i will stop gaming now ... )

at least AWI gets traffic ... its all good 

If you tweat ... tweat at him in my defense ! (this request for mass tweets may be gaming ?)

"Stopped reading fellow Canadian's blog, will call him JC Penney, b/c he was gaming my Google search. @swabag has better pictures anyway.


Friday, February 25, 2011

which they themselves have written. ( This Week in Blogs )

Rachael blogs her Baby Prep Food ... awesome and thanks.  And Morka Covered me for posting some meal ideas/pics this week ... Emily I haven't found a photo for the fan page yet but hopefully you are over 4000 Facebook friends so maybe that will get me in the fan club ...
Jstaff's nose, Francis and Raph at Starbucks (Raph is now addicted to Coffee)

Raph is close to as funny in twitter as in real life, my conversational French is coming along with his and Francis Morin's help.

Steve at Crossfitorangeville had a good post on Tempo I missed. his training blog is linked on the left and his adventures in the OC make me want to go down for another run up to Cocktail Rock .

Get Outside  . Lea Davidson was working out in the outdoors ... JStaff was down in Cali, ran on the beach  and got convinced to get twitter ... will he use it more then his blog ?

Mical Dyck rocks winter shoes year round I hope ? LINK  and Watson is either bitter or stolked I don't even know anymore !  Speaking of Watson did you see our latest video together, not our best but he was in California and MATTP called him out or thanked him ... I don't know about that either.

  TristanSpurr is being kind enough to link to me and even suggested a TECH TUESDAYS topic for AWI members to avoid frozen/jammed Shift Cables ... Question would be can California/Inside/Singlespeed be the answer ?  Pat Dennis Posted a few times, I didn't read it but I respect what he's doing (and his many followers!)
2 cool guys eating pink cupcakes

Have you been to Willow Koerber's Blog ? It is great . Her unique approach to the mental side of things is worth a read.  This blog from top US endurance MTBer at presents a good thought on why we ride, the statement ' I have to ride ' is something I hear too much, including from me ... sometimes its worth 'just' going for a ride, regardless of your goals.

A great final blog from Jonathon Vaunters the head of Slipstream  , his account of how he prejudged a rider who had been on a team, whose doctor was found to be helping OTHER riders dope. Just this week that rider told authorities about another doping program and made Jonathon realize how he had prejudged the rider and not given him a chance to ride/try out for slipstream.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The French Foreign Legion? Yeah. We lost a lot of good men out there.

Watch out ,
made the now annual trip to the Ranch near Irvine / The OC for Oakley Tour,
 tried on many styles including this National Champion Favorite
Learned (brainwashed?) about light distortion through lenses, 
Under Armour glasses faired Poorly
GEOFF KABUSH                         Photo Courtesy Near Racing LINK
Oh and this is my dirt jump on high 

  In other news Check out Ralf Gagne (LINK) and Francis Morin's Blog (LINK) he is Hilarious and in the House in Oxnard right now ... I am learning French and they are learning English Swearing and innuendo

And Get Emily Batty over 4000 Facebook Friends ... LINK  

You could add me too if you wanted but I don't need friends, I'm already Famous LINK


Monday, February 21, 2011

But he has pulled himself together nicely, (Andrew Watson in California)

Sat down to talk to Watson, then stood up to interview him from multiple angles


Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little flavour

Working on describing coffee at intelligencia coffee in Venice with Trek Barrie's J.Simmons ... Check his blog at

Friday, February 18, 2011

I never know what she's doing back there. (Week in Blogs)

So Eric Batty updated his photo site and integrated some RSS feedage to get his athlete blog ... I would really like to see some pictures of my face in the people section LINK

Watson is in Cali and bitter about it ... If the worst thing that happens to you is 1 day of rain (or two) things aren't that bad LINK > Watch for a AWI approved interview in next day or two .

After chasing 1 National Champion up Santa Barbara Romaro Canyon I was lucky enough to sit down with 2 current Elite MTB National champions and AWI an Italian joint this week (along with the rest of the Nat team at other tables), it was a tremendous meal and great stories, definitely a highlight.

Adam and Emily fight back and Adam is either lean or dehydrated or both.    MattP found WallPaper Magazine but real folk prefer Monicle Magazine is 10x better (even the creator of Wallpaper agrees, since he left to create Monicle).  Micael Creed was down with Kelli Benefits in Oxnard, apparently we missed out on some crazy pranks and I am interested in reading more about his Hip problems/solutions.

Rachael's Blog of Pregnancy and Home Renos is enjoyable, would love to hear more about the food she is eating though!  Steve was in the OC getting a jump on the MTB season.  Catherine Pendrel is down in Cali, missing some big snowfall at home (and is 1 of the 2 Dining National Champions if you hadn't done the math). She went jumping with me this past week at Grant Park and makes awesome conversation and left us cliffbars.  Hermida is fitter by tests, some would argue the relevance of the lactate mentioned but He is world champion ...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All right, will you save me a dance for later?

MattP ( ) alluded to this and how I would love it a few weeks back ... finally got to it today!

 I love Big Will but this is fantastic despite poking fun.

and unrelated but Timely after the Grammys

Gwynth can sing? not sure Glee Proves it?

Dr. Dre sings for 10seconds, I guess that is a comeback ? Eminem is good at what he does whether you like him or not and who is that 2nd female, Ms Sin is addicted to this part of the song ? LINK


Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm sure it will be fun for the... for the people that are going.

Couple Awesome Days down in California with Team Canada

Many adventures including, as coined by Watson (link to Awi), a very 'Glassford' type ride that included a lot of gravel road climbing (2500m) and a few road sections on MTB. Big reward was coming down from Nordoff Peak/Ridge/Tower for 20-30min of mostly single track fun ! I was glad to share such a great adventure while getting a solid training day in for the body, the skills, the brain ... and the mind. Yes it was that challenging.
DZ was in fine form, even threw me some suggestions to improve downhill traction/braking, 
which was greatly appreciated. 
Just a wee bit of Fire power coming down the Cliffside Trail ... An insurer's nightmare?

Some good experiences with such high level riding companions, and some great non-biking conversation and debates as well. I think Catherine Pendrel and I had a bit of a disagreement on the relevance of Cholesterol as a marker of heart/overall health but we were able to resume great conversation on Anatomy/Physiology pursuits . Watson taught me a bit about Battlestar ... I was letting him know about THIS, which he should check out ASAP. Quebec boys were ripping the Downhills for sure
For the subsequent recovery day I was fortunate enough to get an invite from Ms. Pendrel (LINK TO bLOG)  for a easy mtb spin around town. We went for a spin with more great politicking hitting mad jumps at Grant Park Dirt Jumps where we both made some progress in airtime.
Grant Park is a destination for people with Madd Flow ( LINK )


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Right now, right now she doesn't know where the kids are, do you?( Week in Blogs )

Raphael Gagne is a great guy to train with and with Google Translate I can confirm what my french tells me he is saying. He has a great header, and his latest post showing some of his data presents some good concepts that many athletes would benefit from paying more attention to in their own training, coached or not.

Mical Dyck has a great new blog design and her 2011 adventures will be worth watching as she takes on Europe in Italian shoes, US Bikes and 1/2 Lance supported Honey Combs. Amanda Sin likes food, like honey, and is in town for a week or so, her blog needs some updating but is redesigned since I last checked in. Mary and Mike do well and get robbed in the Andes

Pat Dennis has a header that is xmas themed but nice, Adam is rested and references junk more then I do, while Emily changed her header just for me, now I want more links on her links page ... Here is one for Pushups for her.  And Watson Admits Matt and I were right ... I will take that as a point on whatever scale you follow. RickyF is blogging, some cool photos of Kayak and Erica Bota has some more adventures and a classic jump for joy and catch it on the self timer shot. 

Kelly Benefits rode Santa Monicas daily, staying ~ 14 doors down from us in Oxnard. United Health Team was in Thousand Oaks riding same Santa Monicas and Team Canada Joins us in Oxnard this week for more Santa Monicas

National Coach Dan Proulx has been blogging a bunch about keeping it real and Positively real and loves Ted Talks ...  .

  Steve Neal is blogging his training and trying some crazy stuff like breathing in a bag and tempo ... maybe that isn't that new crazy its the same old crazy !

Did I miss your blog or do you know a good one ? Post it to comments Please !


Friday, February 11, 2011

Actually, it would be a really nice bike ride.

Recovery Spin through Muscle Beach
Broke my 2 week Coffee fast with some top end coffee at Intelligentsia
Got offered Drugs for first time in my life
 ... it was legal (medicinal) and everyone was doing it she said, so that might not count

Team Canada is in the Subdivision
 ... few hours on the MTB today with a few slowish type dudes
I might need a few more Carbs this morning

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's all deadly. - Yes.

Matt almost died 3 times on this Downhill today ... tried taping gopro to my Road Bar, worked decent.
Ride details 125ish km / 192w avg / 2100m Ascent / LINK 


and now you're not wearing any panties. I'm just trying to to catch up with you here.

Wow, More Crazy Days back in Oxnard, let me tell you about it
My good friend and supporter of all things cycling @dr_jardine was in town with Team United, He looked at my Ford Explorer Tatoo and then let me tag along for some Team United Taping and Chatting. If your hurting check out The Urban Athlete in Toronto ... They are awesome.
Toronto Legend 'Mackie' is in town ... he loves biking so much, it is infectious and he has told me many great tales. He, howevery, does not like hike-a-bikes so Matt took us on a 2 hour hike a bike that only the most Transrockies loving person or enthusiastic Espoir-Junior could love.
Insert Enthusiastic Espoir
Matt Pretending to be Survior Man Male EB
Simple Stirfry - oil the pan, garlic/ginger + red peppers + brocoli + mixed greens
cover and steam for 10-15min 
 (ignore green legumes in the background)
Busted an hour of intensity up Romaro Canyon near Santa Barbara, great Pedal stroke work 
And the ride down was pretty awesome aswell, best rock gardens we have found 
(*this trail has bells for cyclists to put on bars at entrance ... seems to reduce the hiker:biker conflicts*)
Super Bowl Chili (big pot, oil/onion/garlic/ginger with 2 packs ground turkey on top cover till cooked)
- then add 2 cans organic no salt tomato, chili powder, cayenne, red pepper flakes, pepper 
- add carrots and whole mushrooms
- simmer 30-60+min to taste
Serve with Organic Corn Only Chips and Home made Guacamole 
(2-3 avocado+1/4onion+1-2 smaller tomato+1/2limejuiced+1/2-3/4Lemon Juiced = Mash or blend)

Note that my pick (Seattle) for the game was not even playing in the game ... Wow was Fergie Good ( .... ) 


Friday, February 4, 2011

I read it while I was sailing my boat to Bermuda. (This Week in Blogs)

Thought it would be interesting to go through the week in Blogs, mostly MTB but will mix in whatever in random order.

Tristain Spurr is back to blogging with some videos and despite his absence some interesting observations are made.  Matt Spak joins in the fun but I can't find his blog link.  AWI Gets mentioned despite a lack of pics this week simply because he sort of quoted wedding crashers, he did 90min on JoyrideXC loop and because I miss him.  And I definately am missing taking part in MaleEB adventures ... as he continues to becomecrazy Survivor man.

Erica Bota's Blog is perhaps one of the best I have read this week with several updates with Pictures and some exciting stories of job quitting and racing MTB in. Mical snuck in some VOLUME with Team Canada in Victoria before going back to a Job ... I think?

RachaelM is having a baby and is off the Crack, which is probably a good call. Her blog of baby adventures is quite enjoyable, she may have to keep having babies and forget about bike riding ... or ride bikes while having babies which I don't think is very sociable acceptable so stick with the babies maybe.

MattP has a domain   and Zach Tatem has the Pic of the week because the bike she is good.  and Trek is waging battles with Specialized on the Cobbles
Adam Morka of Trek Canada got spidered (again!) and is officially banned from the 4L Spiro Bag contest and Emily Batty needs to elevate her butt during pushups, lost her luggage (sucks) and despite racing without gloves can't do pushups on cement. I will be sending my Emily Batty Fan club photo submission to Ms. Emily this week as well,

Kabush is coming to Oxnard and bringing me Coffee  , which is too bad cause I quit. Where is Catherine Pendrel?  I have a package for her and she is not blogging at all. And Sam Shultz deals with the ultimate question of what exactly do he does for a living, while in Cali. My advice is to always say investments (Holy Shirts and Pants)

Random Food blog ... stuff yo Onion, not sure why this is scary


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do I have Food on My Face ?

Firstly, My face was itchy, (see and add your own thoughts to yesterday comments). I blame it on the difference in pollen between Dufferin and Oxnard

Secondly, two good rides today, both exploring urban mtb routes and a few new trails found ... a fairly high risk of hitting someone sleeping on the trail, but I am okay with that.  Speedlegs in the AM and quick check in on top end fitness with a Cp3 mid-ride with Matt today as he got his Flat on.
Matt cursing the Glass covered trails we explored, 
it was however lack of post ride inspection that caused his flat