Monday, December 19, 2011

Hold on, man. (2012 Ergon Products that are Awesome)

Ergon and myself have reached an agreement 
to put awesome Ergon products on my bikes for another year 
of thrashing and optimal sensations.
I should be able to have more Ergon at all the key contact points this year ! 

Here is a look at some of the products I am excited about for 2012 
Thanks to Ergon and Jeff Kerkove for keeping me comfy ! 
*** check out Kerkove site to learn a ton about endurance racing and training in crazy conditions ***

Why Ergon grips???
Very excited for the narrow saddles coming down the pipe from Ergon
Training Grip of Choice is the Gs2 ... big bar end with grippers for lots of hand options
hand to Grip to bar interface is important ... gloves are key! 
Cork Grip ... cruiser bike mad styles
And mad styles and attention grabber for my 2012 Trek XCO Racing Bicyclettes will be ... blue Ga1 !

For Marathon Races ... more support and hand positions in the GS2 ... 2nd and 12th at Leadville

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jvk said...

Lucky you. I love Ergon.
I used the Gs2 with grippers last year. Superb.
Saddles look cool. Nice and simple.
Let us know how the gloves work out.

Peter Glassford said...

I definately will Jeff .

Gs2 (formally GX2) are solid grips for sure

if you get a chance to try GA 1 on shorter or more tech races/rides do so ... really liked them in my xco this year

the longer bar end on the GS3 is awesome ... that might be my most used grip in terms of hours !