Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great. - Don't forget to stretch, guys.

Cold Day at the Hillbilly Hustle but Awesome time this weekend doing a wee bit of Man work and hanging out with some good friends from Hilbilly Camp.

Race day saw a bunch of more cool people brave weather that made me not even look at my bike ... i would say well over a cm of snow, which became mud and water. Garrigan got beat on the Money/People/First lap Prime which lost me a bet but Hillbilly 4 time Champ Watson made good and won the race and the first lap in style.

Highlights include Watson telling 'mom' to get the van running before race was over to start the thaw process and JSTAFF almost collapsing after not telling anyone to have the van ready and then dealing with the post race realization that his hands were Ice Cubes. ALso Garrigans Mud/snotscicles and the Juniors busting air was good too. Ms. Sin and Cordy took the costume Prizes ... and Morka/Watson got the only interview of the day below.

Enough of this Snow ... I'm Going some place warm, with no Mosquitoes ... I might even have me a Cappachino!


Friday, October 29, 2010

I don't wanna half-ass it. I want it well planned. (HILLBILLY HUSTLE 2010)

Make sure to come out to Highlands Nordic this weekend (just south of Collingwood Ontario) 

It is worth the trip up for the most features, biggest purse, most primes and only over-under feature in Ontario Cross. 

Details at 

Sunday Oct 31 (yes Halloween Costumes encouraged! ) 


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being a pro from mattp blog.... Get some information

Life as a Bike Jockey: Pro Riders Face Chhh Chhh Chhh Changes

by Judy Freeman

Back in the heyday of mountain biking, when tales circulated of six-figure incomes and expert-level riders getting paid to race, I'm told that approaching a sponsor with only a race résumé showed solid organization and that a main expectation of a sponsored athlete was to showcase product.

Whether accurate or not, that was then. With today's tight budgets, gaining sponsorship takes more than showing up with just paper. The role of the athlete has evolved from entertainer to engager.

Changing Times

"Back then," explains former Sobe/Cannondale team manager, Matt Jewett, "you had non-endemic sponsors flocking to the sport bringing the cash with them that helped fund the big teams, big team staffs, semi's, etc.  There were two primary events that athletes were focused on — XC and DH."

Manufacturers could reach the majority of their market at a single event, and in the mid-1990s before the arrival of full-suspension, even with just one bike.

However, with the addition of Super D, marathon and ultra events, Jewett says that the sport of mountain biking has "evolved and fragmented into a much more diverse and welcoming sport."

"All these points of access," he says, "have gotten the spectators off the sidelines and onto the start lines."

So now with more events and bikes to cater to these various interests, sponsors are looking for different ways to reach their markets instead of the one-stop, single big factory team to grace the race venue.

And to respond, riders are taking it on themselves to be that solution.

Being the Solution

Top results can speak for themselves, but to show to sponsors more return on their investment, more and more riders are stepping up as their own marketing machines.

A recent USA Today article (9/21/10) explained how endurance racer Rebecca Rusch has hired two friends to help with her exposure. Putting her marketing degree to use, Rusch doesn't rest on cycling laurels to earn sponsorship and a paycheck. She uses a web site, Facebook and Twitter to update her fans on her latest endeavors.

Zack Vestal, former team manager of the Trek/VW Team elaborates on how marketing itself has changed expectations for today's sponsored athlete.

"Facebook and Twitter didn't even exist [in the 1990s]. The Internet was barely around. Expectations were a lot less," he says.

Vestal says that now, instead of just autograph signings and appearances, athletes are bolstering their exposure with these avenues of social media to speak directly to supporters.

You, Inc.

Additionally, either in personality or program, athletes are branding themselves. By finding personal niches, some riders have created their own way.

"The world is crowded with activity, events," says Vestal. "[manufacturers and athletes are] fighting to stay relevant."

Vestal points to "Rad" Ross Schnell as an example of today's athlete. Moving from a predominant XC schedule to create his own race program, Schnell has become "the face of all-mountain riding."

Time for Creativity

Riders have to be creative, but this is also a time ripe for creativity.

"Mountain biking," says Jewett, "has always provided … sponsors a chance to get their products and services in front of a very large, health-focused, and quite affluent, audience. That was true in the nineties and it's even truer today."

With more emphasis on spectators experiencing — instead of just watching — an event and the rise of high school mountain bike teams, Vestal says he sees mountain biking in the U.S. as "poised for growth," if it's done correctly.

"It's a lot of work being a sponsored rider today. No question to that," says Vestal, adding that riders are forced to be more professional. "With more diligent and professional riders to the sport, we can adopt new people to mountain biking; to grow the sport with more participation."

More points of contact via social media or smaller events create greater ability for professional athletes to engage new riders in mountain biking.

Vestal says he looks forward to the day when instead of seeing two manufacturers "fighting each other for attention, they're fighting video games," and getting kids off the couch.

No Effort Wasted

And the benefit of these new times in mountain biking isn't lost on the athlete either. My team director for Kenda/Felt, David Myers, poses an upside to this new responsibility for the sponsored rider.

"A career as a mountain bike athlete at the pro level is relatively short-lived," Myers says. "Developing the skills to interact in the business of a team can help you throughout life. These skill sets are transferable."

The Kenda/Felt team has a tight budget and a four-rider-and-director crew who all share in the responsibilities of keeping our program running.

"We have to leverage the experience of everyone involved to meet the expectations of our sponsors and supporters," Myers says. "If not, we can easily lose that support to a team that is willing to push beyond their limits. We have to be that team."

Judy Freeman is a pro mountain biker out of Boulder, Colorado. In 2009 she represented the U.S. at the World Championships in Canberra, Australia. For 2010, she'll be racing for Kenda/Felt Mountain Bike Team. Other sponsors for 2010 include TrailMaster Coaching, HayesManitouVoler ApparelPearl IzumiWickWerksKMC,SDGCrank BrothersUvexPika PackworksSmith Optics and Mighty Good Coffee.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

- What's that? - I can't breathe.

Eased back into training with 2 Vo2 Max Tests in a row! 
and 1 more tomorrow ! 
(random University Study ... Gets me some data)

Got to try out the PhysioFlow (monitor of Cardiac Output) at same time 
... should be interesting data when coupled with the Vo2 Data
Will post some graphs / data soon in a day or so. 

At the very least get my TV to support some Spirotiger Training
  (Have a spiro for sale ... cheap <$300 w/ 3 bags  ) 

Oh and fueled 100% Paleo ... see how recovery goes. 


Monday, October 25, 2010

If I do this, I don't wanna half-ass it.

Got in to  to get the last of my Kilarney Trail 'butt' taken care of, and my shoulder double checked for goodness and my bump knee checked for progress. Good all around except a little bit of a scolding for running the trail with minimal training, which was well deserved. (I blamed it on MALE EB though ... so all is good)

Did you check out the Spidertech Videos from Hawaii ... some cool stuff there.

Also a unique technique brought to my attention to help get the bottom of my glute a bit better with a foam roller . Basically as below but with roller rotated 90Degrees so its sort of between your legs or Parallel your spine.


Friday, October 22, 2010

uh... massage oils and a book on tantra

Training: Massage from Gayle at she got the glute a bit loosened up along with the rest of 'my business' that is keeping things tight from the day of hiking with Male EB 2 weeks ago.
- so then a few days of stretching and rolling 'my business' and things are really coming around with a couple easy spins just to stretch and activate.
- Other bonus of being off the bike is my shoulder/collar bone 'business', saddle sores and my mystery bump seem to be coming around nicely ... 100% health coming soon (+/- 5 %) !

- Breakfast - 4 eggs / 2 ounce steak + walnut oil + avocado + nuts + kale + tomato
- Lunch - Salad + chicken + olive oil
- Dinner - smoked squash soup w/ chicken + salad and chicken
 - Desert - slice of DQ Ice Cream Cake ... to celebrate the closing of Jersey Shore, Ya I dunno

 - I need a Car, something between Toyota Matrix and a Full sized Dodge Sprinter. Toss me ideas please!
 - Ipad's can make you a pro DJ (Thanks to Mattp for this info) LINK
 - looking into drum machines because of THIS to support above
                        **** (also why can you say do*chebag on radio but not Sh*t?)
 - Watson or Jstaff or Cjette or ? who will take the big provincial check ? ?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love you, Ya you big guy

Thanks to Havi from Norco Land for the Image of my good friend from AWI from Crank 2010.

Training: Sitting ... good living but getting annoying at same time. K I lied I actually rode home from the Car mechanics yesterday 40min easy.

Eating; Breakfast leftover Pork and some 'cereal' of Hemp milk, apple, avocado (most people wouldn't eat that), nuts, seeds
           - lunch on the go of sardines, orange, fruit-nut mix

   - Steve Neal sent me this Article ... love to see the challenges to the idea of Paleo ideals though, nothing is perfect.  
              - More research needs to be done by me into this to see what else has been done but initial reaction is its just root veg and water so not sure its really bread ?
             LINK =

     - Some Info on Vitamin K =
                     - Basically eat your greens (especially Parsley) and you are good. Even better if you follow the Zone and have fat with each meal to help make the food sourced K more absorbable
                      - Your likely good in terms of supplementing unless your having major issues with bleeding/bruising. See your DR. if you think your irregular.
                      - Its one of the fat soluble Vits so do need to watch Supplementing (ADEK are fat soluble)
                      - Sounds like the topical usage is worth exploring for a variety of scaring, post-op recovery ... maybe my shins have a hope?!?!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Feels So Good

KFC Double Down on Sale today! If you ignore the artificial meat its paleo :)
KFC is test marketing a sandwich with two fried chicken patties for buns

and the McRib is back on Nov 1st apparently!

Thats some good fall eating.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Cause you're not athletic enough to stay on your two feet? (watson interview UCI Cyclocross)

Great day watching the races ... Watson and Mark Batty put on a good show with Watson getting onto the lead train of 3 and holding till the last lap. Mark demonstrated great skill and fitness with the most times through the Sand including a last lap push that sealed the deal on the train of 5 guys that were left in his wake.

 Morka blew the lights out with a torque induced flat going uphill offcamber as JROD punched himself in the face to get back on to morka. Morka ran in and Mogg took him at the line ... ethics and courtesy questioned and ruled in Moggs favor.

Also I thought KD demonstrated great skill today and is sporting a sticker, or billboard, on his helmet.

Watson Interview below ... Eric Batty interview at ... other interviews were my bad I blame it on my `house` leg ... I need a cane

More pictures and stories from the event at


Saturday, October 16, 2010

How bout you father ?

Training: first time on the bike or really expending calories for a little over a week. Had some great sessions with clients at 3 stage working on awareness of the rear wheel.
- while I am going nuts sitting its really the best thing for me with my shoulder and bump knee getting. Chance to recover without training and world cup stress every weekend.

- recovery meal chicken, carrots, parsnips, avocado and flax ( leftovers cold)


So in an effort to get into an upcoming wedding i am potentially invited to I figured I could become ordained and run the ceremony ... Turns out Canada isn't Vegas. On to plan b ...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Not Sellin Anything (Toronto Bicycle Blow Out Show)


Check out the blow out show this weekend in Toronto. All the Trek Canada Race and training bikes will be available.

Refurbished and Shining these bikes are a great chance to get a great bike at a great price. 



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm too Drunk to Walk Carry Me ... (video of La Cloche Silhouette Trail Run)

Well Thanksgiving has come and past and my left Glute is still on vacation from the big run but sitting is enjoyable this time of season and I think makes sense before engaging in some 2011 training .
Training (well old training now ... living off the past for a bit!)
   --- Remembered I Shot this video during our run ...

 - Breakfast - Cantibowl + blueberries + nuts + flax seed and then eggs and spinach
 - Lunch- spinach salad + olive oil + chicken (& 1/4 PINT at Creemore brewery w/ the Barrie Crew)
 - Dinner= Halibut on top of veggie stirfry (coconut oil, Julienne beats/bok choy/carrots + onion + mushroom + ginger + pepper)

  - This video Lecture from discusses 'the interview' ... some great ideas especially for having meaningful conversations with those that have gone through many of life's milestones and, with the right questions, can connect the 'dots' of their life.  LINK


Saturday, October 9, 2010

That would be good to

Alos check out male eb pics and blog ... More complete and better pics


Friday, October 8, 2010

Two crazy kids running around ( La Cloche - Kilarney Trail).

Approximate time ( to be official soon) 12:23 for kilarney / la cloche trail in full, clockwise, no short cuts, no support.
*** notes**** 2.5 hrs by headlight, with 30 min out and back on wrong turn and 30+ min in water/food/minor injury attention

It's a crazy tough trail. This isn't the sorest I have been ( marathon road running in 3 hrs) , or the tiredest ( 24 hrs solo mtb) , or the most bonked (cts 2010 stage 2 ) or the most blown ( provincials 2009 or marathon mtb worlds 2010 or houffalize 2010) but it was challenging .

Eric ended up with 3 lost toe nails, raw bottoms of feet

I ended up with an old man walk(left hip flexor and glute taking a break is all) ... rubbed my back raw and finished with crazy baggy/blood shot eyes
Saw a bear at 4:45am in campground before starting, a huge black snake, 5+ pheasants, 3 dear and maybe 6 people

... Only 2 people (solo men over 50) were actually doing the whole trail. They were aiming for 5 days and they were somewhat shocked by our clicking poles and relative fast pace as we greeted them, wished them well and answered their question with .... Somewhere around 12 hours.

" Do whatever you will, but first be such as are able to will. "
--Friedrich Nietzsche

Here, I'll just pick this off, I'll go grab another piece. That's it.

Remember your Paleo (no sugar or processed stuff ) Pumpkin Pie this Weekend ! 

Pumpkin Pie
2 and a half cups crushed pecans or choice nuts
~1 cup dates (medool dates work best, else add a bit of water)
 -- after you have pressed into a baking sheet put in an oven that has been heated to 400 to 'dehydrate' for 10min ... but turn off the heat first. 
Remove and add filling.

1 15 oz can of pumpkin puree
3 eggs
3/4 cup maple sugar flakes
1 tbsp fresh grated ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp powdered cloves
1/4 tsp nutmeg
grated rind of 1 lemon
1 cup creme fresh
Steve, Peter and Rachael
Also please take some time to look over the information on regarding Our NEW TRAINING PLANS LINK

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

but a clever... a clever human being who knows the jungle, or the woods. - Or like a bad guy.

Latest Adventure for Male EB and PG?

Well its basically an Northern Ontario offroad marathon pretty flat, then punched in the face offroad hilly marathon then a little flat finish for a few more miles. Good times .

Story of greatness to follow, hopefully with minimal tales of overnight stays in the wilderness


Monday, October 4, 2010

That brings us to frequent flyer miles

Squeezer photos in

The airplane ... Signature finish line maneuver ... Just need more opportunity to do it legitimately!!

Also great press from the squeezer report and great folks at sunflower squad . Check out yesterdays post at

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get up and Jump now!

Some Eric Batty Photography on the 3.5hr / 2250kcal Pole run (eric trail ran with jumbo fanny pack and camera) ... I dressed as spiderman complete with huge plyo jumps to celebrate new wicked carbon flick lock poles
Think I am ready to pole run for 10-12hrs on rocky surface ... stay tuned

Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't oversell it. - I'm not selling anything.

... my pipes are growing
, and i invented a double pole for pole running that is going to be famous,
 right after pole running becomes famous

Mark Batty inquired today about whether a rice cake with a burger patty would be Paleo.

In fact, No it is not, but before we start, the rice cake is a delicious substitute, that is gluten free and a low calorie alternative, albeit will be a bit crunchy relative to a bun.

The rice cake is not paleo for 2 reasons. A) grains are not 'Paleo' and B) most burgers store bought include wheat/soy etc.

Paleo alternatives to try include, but not limited to, sliced eggplant (grilled or raw), sliced over-grown zuchini (lightly grilled likely better), lettuce leaf, Red Pepper cored/halfed (this works well)

and Just recently at a big sports bar in Toronto I had a 'lettuce burger' where the patty was between the top and bottom of a head of lettuce. This made it much more sizeable, more resilient and closer to a bun then the other options.

I think red pepper is likely still my favorite though.