Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I saw you on the floor last night ... I was more in the zone then anything else

Good luck to our 2 Trek Riders from Canada representing Canada at 2010 MTB Worlds this weekend at Mt. St Anne ... Watch for updates at Www.trekraceteam.com and also great posts from mechanic/bike riding extraordinaire Zach Tatem http://zach-tatem.bloodspot.com

Ms. Emily, or poofy hip, as I prefer to call her, has requested songs for her pre- worlds warm-up stoke up spin

She posted her email at www.emilybatty.com spam it up

My recommendations that have done me well thru this last block of 7 races and also some 5x4 blocks over the season to help boost motivation, decrease RPE, and debatably increase time to exhaustion

1) rock that body- black eyed peas ( auto tune whatever)
2) over - drake
3) bounce - mstrkrft
4) yes - lmfao
5) in the house - steve aoki ( remix? )


Monday, August 30, 2010

You know what? I will have some meatloaf. Let's have some meatloaf.

Some more highlights from the trip

first up ... THE LOAF OFF ... ME vs. Ryan Atkins ( unicycle world champion, good guy, skilled at baking/cooking and pretty solid rider too)

So I went paleo Pumpkin-raisin loaf... easy and nutritious (or at least not harmful)
(1.5cups almond meal, 3 eggs, 1 can organic pure pumpkin puree, box of raisons, nuts)
(random ... but enjoyable)
Ryan prepared a fan-favorite chocolate-Zuchini Loaf
- 2 cups almond meal
- 1 Egg (*note for cooking with nut flour/meal more eggs helps keep together... forgot to tell Ryan this)
- .5tsp baking powder / 1tsp baking soda
- 2 small green zuchini
- ~1/2 bag chocolate chips
- 1/2 cup sugar (I think this was right ... be careful but people love sugar so I imagine it doesn't matter)
The problem with USA / Canada Health Care ? 
great www.canadiancyclist.com shot ... I like my white glasses better
USA and Adam Snyder keeping me in the pack off the start (22 USA guys in our race ... even more impressive was ~28 Great Britain guys in the Mens Downhill)
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

That's what maryland does

Great shot at story at www.pedalmag.com, one of Eric there too

Well with all the talk in my previous post about tires we had what may be the most flats of any race I, and many others, have seen. Basically everyone flatted ... I have a theory about poor trail armoring but High speeds and rocks cause this realistically.

First lap I started poorly thought I was in trouble energy wise but as I got up to speed and a couple of flats slowed the pack I actually had good top end like last weeks provincials and I went to work, intent on getting my 50 spots.

But ... Then came the downhill. Adam flatted and stopped , I rode by him and soon thereafter flatted and rode / ran with great skill. As i rode the last of my inflated bliss, i passed watson and i pronounced, and i quote, "you have to be f*%$ing joking me". As Canadians were dropping like flies.  My running skill was greatly applauded and commented on during my decent, which was motivating.

Havi was there to help zach deliver two solid flat changes for morka and me ( our sitcom name) and then back up the hill 4 more times before I was told to stop by a man with a clipboard.

So this last one was Better then I expected,

A few thanks then its recovery time followed shortly by crank the shield training (started today post race tempo with Eric and the loaf king Ryan Atkins)

thanks to: (no order or capitalization and sorry if I forget anyone you are important no matter what ... Remember that)

--- my body for holding on
---steve for a classic snpd pep-talk into this race and too much other stuff to list
--- Trek store and Trek (barry, mike, zach, taylor especially) for countless man hours, monies and parts to keep the team rolling,
---batty family for their time and energy into the team, Eric and Adam for some good duals, training/racing tips, and even some team tactics ( plans In the works for the team to finally 'close' at the squeezer)
---urban athlete/ spider tech tape for keeping me in the game regardless of how good a job I do at hurting myself
--- mom and dad for a place to hang out when I'm not living out of a bag
--- anyone who follows the blog, including the guys who wanted pictures with me today and the young kid Who endured my wedding crashers quotes after he told us he was from Maryland while taking some of our trek canada shwag !

--- Watson ice your damn knee ... I am off with trek store mechanics for two days of beer drinking, downhill watching and go karting enroute to st. Anne for the week.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Psyched let's kill some birds

Doing my hourly google of my name and ...

some good natured 2009 Crank the Shield trash talk (from a list of trash talk items)  ... I think Watson would agree with the tactics used in 2008.

TWO - World Cup riders can bite me. If Zandstra, Glassford, Morka, Hadley, etc. had actually gone mano e mano with the rest of us instead of practically tying a tow rope between each other, the outcome surely would have been different, and potentially severely deflating to the fragile egos of these coddled and pampered celeb wannabes. These guys would have barely made it past the first 10km without their rolling group hug in effect on every stage. Sure, you might choose to remind me that a bunch of geriatric dudes from the 40+ category made me look like a schmuck anyhow, but I’m choosing to apply selective revisionist history here also (see item # 1 above)


In other news : \

My quad likely has bone in it ... no wonder there is a huge bump ! I'm stoked ... academically ... prospect of cutting bone out of muscle not so stokafying ...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My leg's cut and bleeding. I'm just... I'm not really in the mood for this.

So over the last week I have been told that my 'bump' knee should be:
     a) lasered
     b) pierced and drain 'the puss'
     c) lanced (similar to above)
      d) cut that 'shit' out
       e) let me poke it
        f) its not an issue
        g) it is an issue
        h) leave it along and stop poking it
        i) ice wouldn't hurt
        j) get it ultra-sounded just to be sure

Despite having full batty backing on items b, c, e and i guess d.  I will be going with item f. and hoping for the best in the next few weeks.
Rick telling me about Puss 

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Monday, August 23, 2010

- for the next hours. - I don't want to do it. I can beat this guy. Let's be honorable for once.

So solid weekend of Training

EATING = Started with Salmon and Teff (smallest grain and one of most nutritious) cooked up much like creme of wheat actually and tasted amazing on its own BUT added fruit, avocado and some crunch cereal to the first bowl (3-4hrs prior to race start)
 = Then A gel on the line and a couple squirts of gel during the race + i think 2 or 3 bottles at 3/4 full during race made for a very hungry body come sleep time ! (fueling was way low during race ... story below)
- Ontario World Championships ... everyone but the reigning champion was racing ... reigning champion out with swelling and trying to be a swiss photographer and race split/motivation provider ... he is good at all the above (all pictures i think courtesy AWI and he has good pre-post race reports too)

So Race goal was win the first lap ... knew it was a big goal. DZ wouldn't let anyone walk away and with all the young guns + under 25 world champ Cam Jette there it would take every bit of oxygen independent energy production and technical/tactical skill I had.
I was also confident that part of my blockage was trying to always pace for the perfect race ... great strategy usually but world cups throw the 250 guy traffic jam into the mix and I need to start dealing with that.

So ... Team Paziuk (thanks for feed and week's accommodation)  took 4 bottles filled with just water but that 2nd lap bottles were not coming out if the first lap wasn't victorious. This is a tactic I believe the Chinese MTB team uses as punishment ... if not good ... no bottle.

 ... Lap is summarized best by Cam asking, "Are you Serious",  as I blocked him out and sprinted as hard as I could to keep him behind me into one of the last single tracks ... he did sprint me to the line for second place on the first lap honors though.
3 guys ... all quite fatigued ! 

So almost collapsed, cross-eyed riding through feedzone and shut it down for a lap, letting Male EB and Cam carry on and Adam/JStaff eventually swept me up ... Adam pulled for a lap or so before I put in a last lap attack one what i thought was conclusion of the 4th lap leading into the last one ... turned out to be end of the 3rd and made for some tremendous efforts on the next 2 laps, that saw us moving back up through Cam/Male EB ... capped by a uphill grass sprint that I lost but in much less drama and disappointment then 2009.

Was so fun, really felt like the crowd was able to follow the race and got behind the riders ... almost Euro (?) ... need more beer and waffles and cigars .

Good sensations and some new levels of hurt to bring into world cup next weekend (holy crap seven weeks of racing back to back to back .... went by so fast ... still loving it though!)
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PS. Also a few emails about Coaching / Cycling Services ... look at www.steveneal.ca for info please ! 

PSS. California stuff please look to http://mpaziuk.blogspot.com/ and fill out the info at top to get best rates/ soonest info and help us make options fit your needs ! 

PSSS. More pics at www.trekraceteam.com 

Friday, August 20, 2010

fabulous finger foods

Pretty solid Training Day all around Eat-Recover-Eat-Recover-Bike Prep-Workout-Eat-Recover

a) breakfast = Fruit, left over pumpkin puree, hemp milk, teff,, bit of granola, 1/2 avocado, + leftover veggies & arctic char fish  and I made dessert for tonight .... Paleo Pumpkin Pie with exception of Teff Flour

---- Sit, talk with matt, organize a fridge and look at flowers ----

b) Lunch - Paleo Sandwich with Left over Pork and salad in a pepper + espresso topped with cinnamon

--- Nap by Flowers then on Couch ... bit of bike Maintenance then 3 laps at Provincials course, 1 big ring hero lap .... all systems go. Hardtail with skinny tires, shorter stem and big boy pants ---

c) Dinner
antipasto (olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar, pepper, Himalayan sea finishing salt, leftover steamed sprouts, zucchini, peppers, pickled beats, olives, raw tomato diced SERVED OVER Left-Over Salmon

Quote of the Day: Kanye West (LINK TO FACEBOOK FREESTYLE)
  "Immature Adult, If you fall on the concrete that's your ass fault, if you pass on a Kon Beat that's your last fault"

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do I Play Like I'm Interested ?

Subway for Free Breakfast

California 2011 in the works ... Get on the Email List Now to help us make it EXACTLY what you want and to give us a feel for what type of experience people are interested in !

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeps my hair up when I have a bad day ... Slick

- Breakfast
Stef Widmer smoothie on cereal + steak + licorish root tea
* smoothie - ginger root, frozen blueberry, glutamine, apple, water, hemp milk, flax seed ground

2.5 hrs with 10x1min / 2 min off to get ready to win 100 dollar first lap prime this weekend at ontario world champs
* thanks to mom for hopefully picking me up in newmarket and allowing me to avoid mean headwinds today

-Post workout/learning
Starbucks is great

Extra hot mocha, skim, no whip + patio + extra nice barista liked my freshly cut faux hawk mullet + 2 retired gents talking business and I am stealing there idea + lady getting interviewed with her newly adopted son who may be fresh out of juvey (sp?) + dude has been staring at the top fuel for 5+ min ... Luckily I have the invincible helmet lock in full effect
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Monday, August 16, 2010

No no no, I think he's really hurt.

Well another race weekend, I am getting used to this travel, ride a bit, sit a bit, race a bit

Started off with a nice long drive with 3 young SNP athletes followed by spinning into town for dinner in tights.

6th and 5min off the DZ sensation this weekend at a 'new course' ... new in that no one has ridden bromont in the dry before ... many flats, especially in the 1:30 race. (** note rear wheel lift and unweight, as a skill, is important **)

Racing sensations are getting better and olive oil seems to be making my legs closer to regaining my contracts as a shin model

Mrs. Vipond suspects that my lump from my latest scar (switzerland) needs attention so today I went to the dentist and got my chipped tooth repaired (badly washed spinach) ... I told the dentist how much I won on the weekend (my bill for the work matched this closely)

Watson Hurt himself with 1km to go . I said he should have one legged (he said he couldn't have). I said he was talking to the wrong guy (he was). Then I offered him a plush trek duallie to get back from the podium. He declined twice 'that he could not' ... I think this was contractual not physical. Then I held down norco tent and told everyone that walked by that Trek was fantastic and that I was Andrew Watson and disliked all things French.

Drive home with the young lads was good times. We bought some cheap 'pops' to bring home as souvenirs and an espresso brownie and large Mocha to keep me alert.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And that brings us to frequent flyer miles ...

I am somewhere over the Atlantic ocean approaching the east coast of Canada at a rapid rate ... Getting ready to bust out the above aero tuck at bromont this weekend. Combined with my 4 hour euro motor pacing session last Sunday in Germany y'all better watch out.

Some random thoughts and movie ratings/ highlights

A) is it weird to watch movies with R, AA, even pg-13 with 'content' while a 9 year old watches low budget spinoffs of animated classics (shrek adventures with ) ??

B) The Jones - agent moulder and striptease lady team up in a movie that's concept is different but I think very possible in some form as advertising avenues are exhausted. Basically a fake family of skilled salespeople hired by advertisinfg agency moves to an upper class neighborhood to make their neighbors jealous and aware of new products. Features Audi cars so worth watching if your stuck in the house else get outside and save for trainer.

C) the informant - Matt Damon does great job in this heist type movie, sort of like 'catch me if you can' crossed with 'a beautiful mind'. Some solid soliloquy/voice I intend to incorporate into future random statements ( ie. Definitely worth having a movie night for.

D) hot tub time machine - I think mattp told me to watch this. Very weak plot, but a message about living in the present and leaving the past is in there somewhere. Watch it of you have seen everything else while captive over an ocean otherwise enjoy the present.


Monday, August 9, 2010

make some bad decisions

start and finish on track was wicked
after the race ... im not glowing thats how i know i worked hard
i think this shows Tim''s best side

also i apologize for shot of my 'junk'in predvious video post ... my voice however is phenomenal

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

your god damn negativity ... i'm an idea man, i thrive on enthusiasm

wow triple long xc race was hard. 2010 marathon worlds in the books. 62nd and 4:11 time for the 107km / 2556 m climbing.

missed a feed at key feed station at 72km (actually 80km) not a big deal beggers can't be choosers. last 30km were bit of death march with the feed station at 72km causing a sizeable gap that i held till the nutrition void (mental or actual or both) set in ... lost about 7-8 min and as good as low 30's. raced well but definately not a mtb race ... a cross bike may have been okay here if you could climb on it and endure 100m long sections of singletrack and the odd bumpy section.

xr-0 narrow on front and narrow revolt for some flat insurance on back worked very well

best thing about worlds is all the countries ... i was honestly in a group that fluctuated between 20 and 30 guys for most of the race

results = LINK

post race interview

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

we had to throw her a sweet 16 .... (marathon worlds 2010 pre race)

MTV is awesome ... sweet 16 and 10 showws that are about playmates

if you had an IPad this would be ok ....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drag this thing out

So I am out at Marathon Mtb World Champs. My first ever world championships of anything. Certainly a life achievement and hopefully not my last!

Two good days on course. 3 hours per day trying to absorb every inch of the 107 km course ... Not easy. My goal has been to really focus on anything that is tech so I can visualize those later, sort of like a highlights reel but very important considering the limited time on any given part of the course and the level of competition. Longest climb is maybe 3-4min and around 1000m. I didn't think the course was hard starting out but after 2 days definitely have respect for the effort it will take to get the 2550m of climbing in without coming apart before the line.

I am in saint Wendall, Germany for this event. Its not the best town I have been to but does have a nice downtown core and the biggest grocery store I have ever seen ( think 2 wall marts stacked on top of other). It is appropriately called 'globus'.

Tim Carleton is here with me and is doing a great job of tolerating my usual grumpy old man ways and weirdness. Today he found my lost mini pump and yesterday he went on a solo mission to the nuburg ring and managed not to die or trash the rental on the infamous closed road with no speed limit. Www.Tim-Carleton.com for more stories and images from the trip.

So now two more days of sitting and tweaking bike and finding a feeder before the double length xc race on Sunday. Start is 10 am, which should allow for merrymaking after, perhaps at the world summer ski biathlon champs!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Some more great images from the summer Europe campaign

Other then my shoes, enjoying a euro caffe with ms. Walter and her Lou Lou lemon irony bag

Enjoying the town water . I actually didn't until post race bike wash when I accidentally put my hammer recoverite in the fountain water that was in the bottle I was using to spray down my bike. Seem to be okay.

Fire wood is huge here. This man busted out table saw music for about six hours over two days and actually made Emily batty get annoyed, she may have cussed


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down south with the Aussies

Started out on a group ride with Adam, Emily, Tim and Sandra Walter

Then added x3 Aussies and 2 czech riders who Adam and Emily have become good friends with over the years

Great to spin along easy with the others and discuss life, yesterday's race, and where the rest of the season will take each rider

Tim and I went on, while the others went for lunch and recovery, to get a big day of marathon worlds prep in. We made it to pejo for Coach Al. The lady on my right climbed well past and gave both tim and I perspective and an hour long discussion about north american recreation norms.

Me eating croissant at 2000 meters and telling Tim we were not climbing to 3000m but going down to do shorter climbs that were not gondola maintenance trails in the wilderness


Monday, August 2, 2010

Like pizza baby

World cup val di sol , Italy went great.knee loosened up decently and after I realized I had the legs to race I did some mental adjustment and a euro face slap and moved up quickly.

Race warmup?

I rode with cam for first few laps, he got me thru and kept me motivated and aggressive. I then stalled on a steep popper climb,knocked him over and decided to surge. Thanks cjette and also to momma Lynn for great feeds.

Thanks to team Canada for wheel watching, Adams feed and tech support as needed.

Moderately tech-portion of course

Blown and confused why I got pulled ... But happy to go tempo mountains for a few hours more after race and before italian dinner!