Saturday, January 16, 2010

... is gonna freak out and throw a shit fit, and it's gonna go into crisis lockdown mode

so good news ... we went shopping on Friday Night ... I bought new Sunglasses

so bad news ... possible crisis lockdown due to mother nature throwing a 'shit fit'
... I don't believe it but next few days could be crazy !

Eating : we had Mexican last night so my motivation to be 'perfect' Paleo/zone is quite high today
         Breakfast - bowl of applesauce + orange + flax seed + mixed nuts + coconut Oil 
                     with Chicken Breast & collard greens on the side (4 block breakfast with extra fat)

Training = AM - 10min spiro / 90min 5x4min WO / 30min Spiro
                PM - 45min maintenance strength and active flex

Reading = Interesting article from McLeans on the Olympics and secret technology ...
"It’s a process of evolution that’s only picking up speed in international sports. Canada risks getting left behind if—as happened after Montreal and Calgary—we stop backing our athletes with the financial and administrative resources brought to bear in the last four years. “Where do we go after the Games—does all of this special funding that was created disappear?” asks Jackson. “If it does, we lose everything: we lose 150 positions of coaches and sports science people, the whole Top Secret program.” That could have a disastrous impact in two years. “We need to transfer a bunch of the knowledge to the summer sports, too,” says Allinger, who fears the will to finance elite sports programs may fade after the Olympics. “That’s a concern,” he says. “But I think we’ll end up being No. 1, and who’s going to want to turn the tap off then?”

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Anonymous said...

Can you expand on your training a bit more please.

peter said...

I am an open book but your going to have to narrow down what you are lookin for :) thanks for posting