Friday, January 8, 2010

I don't want to be around someone who's a nut job.

 Trip to Trek Ventura ... Another Great Trek Store ... Super Organized, Well Stocked and Nice People!

Easy Spin on Friday ... climbed up (easily) and nice decent into Santa Paula

 Ended with some Nice Farm touring back towards Ventura Starbucks to Meet M&M for good talks
(interesting note that my TREK Madone was far preferred by people entering Starbucks to either M&M's)


 - Mark's team news went public for Planet Energy LINK good on ya

 - Listened to a podcast about Henry_David_Thoreau's LINK and his work 'Walden' ... basically he decides to live in the woods and not deal with society. The discussion was whether his stories are still relevant in today's America. One hour later it turns out it is but that he could not have been a woman because they have babies and so have meaning beyond taking greedy journeys into the wilderness. 

 - Despite what my starbucks book says not all starbucks employees bleed green ... or bleed coffee flavored blood ... today the 'baristas' could not explain what the complicated star system is that is associated with US starbucks card ... i got a free (decaf) coffee out of it .

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Anonymous said...

How do Starbucks get the caffenine out of the bean?


Steve Neal Performance Development said...

Jeeze i hope it is swiss water process

Kris said...

Do you have a link to the podcast on Thoreau? Was doing some research on him the other day -- coincidence!