Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sitting and sulking in the corner.

Ski + pole run + pack + run + kiss male EB goodbye over coffee refills + pack + bit of strength + pack + pack + drive to Trek Store + pack

Think I am ready. Most of food is gone, rest is packed

Intrepid (car) is pretty much out ... 'the chick magnet' or more accurately a bad wheel bearing is deafening during all driving conditions except banking to the right ... think she is up on the chopping block in my absence (note despite the fear and/or hope that we are taking intrepid we are not ... it has settled in for hibernation)

On the Car Note Male EB and I are looking for 2 for 1 on Audis or WRX ... not matching though that would be weird

Meal: Made some nut/pumpkin/date 'bars' for the drive tommorow ... basically 1-2 cups of nut flour + pumpkin puree + pinch of maple syrup + some chopped dates + 2-3 eggs ... throw in a pan (i used a pie sheet) ... plan on only eating that and greens powder for the next 72hours

Solid episode of 'the Current' on CBC today ... discussions of Vitamin A enriched Sweet Potatoes to help prevent blindness and sickness (Malaria) in Uganda ... Pretty interesting in terms of how they developed it and the limitations in introducing a orange sweet potato (price and newness etc.)

This was followed up by an interview with the apparently Rehabilitated Druggie 'Mad Child' from Canadian Rap group Swollen Members ... you may remember their melodies from the traffic report on Edge 102 about 2-3 years ago.


Also check out Rachael Mirvish's blog LINK ... its getting mad hits while she is over in Europe racing the Cross ... yes i said 'the cross'

I would suggest you check out Adam's blog but he failed to mention my presence at the Bike Park an so I do not suggest this ... instead check out this blog about socks LINK

Wish me loose gluteals, pleasant/generous starbucks baristas  and easy upright sleep over the next couple days please :)

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My gosh, FDR was a wonderful President.

That is a long drive ... if you have invented a teleporter or know someone who has please let me know

Finished off the intensity block just in time to open presents on Christmas Morning ... that and get my 50 Christmas Burpees in ( www.steveneal.ca workout of the week) - annual Christmas special ) ... now its 5 days, 4 days now damn!, of packing and cramming to get all the amenities of home into the square footage that has been allotted to me !

Bike Park - Also met the team at JoyRide 150 Bike Park on Wednesday for a couple hours of hopping and jumping and sliding and skinny riding ... and mostly waiting for Male EB to knock his 2 front teeth out ... fortunately both he and Morka have mad free ride skills ... Park is definitely worth going to you will get faster learning skills like your basic cornering/rear wheel lift as well as through riding the transitions and progressing up through the many jump lines ! 

Meal -Paleo Pumpkin Pie Season ! - new recipe this time around
      a) in bowl slice/mash dates (with bit of water if not fresh medjool dates) then add 2 cups pecan (or choice nut flour) ... pecan seemed to work better and not burn vs. almond/walnut mix of past 
      b) put in oven for 5-10 min to 'dehydrate' or if you are kooky and have a dehydrator ... do your thing
      c) while dehydrating make filling by combine about 2 cups pure pumpkin puree, 3 eggs, a lot of cinnamon unless you don't like cinnamon, a pinch of cloves and nutmeg if you have it (i didn't!)

To Do:
a) eat the rest of my food ... avoid getting sick doing it !
b) Pole Run the Hockley loop ... you are invited Dec 27, 2009 10am near Hockley Ski Resort ... Email me for directions/details.
c) maybe a ski at Highlands Nordic
d) trip to Trek Store

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Whatever happened to public service, obligation to our fellow man?

 So few more days of Intervals ... quite enjoying the short bouts on the trainer, even though they are pretty challenging, as it is really cold out. I think I am getting soft or old ... or becoming and old softy ???

 Paele (sort of) - This is a Spanish dish and fits my fondness for putting everything in one pan/pot and mashing it together
    - cook meat medium heat ( traditional is sausage ... used ground venison)  ... brown 4-5min
    - add onions 2-3min
    - tomato/garlic/hot peppers/basil/oregano/paprika ... 3-5min
    -  add 'carb' ... I used spagetti squash ... recommended was rice or cous cous i think .
In the News 
  a) Female ski jumpers aren't getting into olympics no matter what LINK
  b) Brittany Murphy (thanks for correction!) passed away, too bad, Marshal Mathers does b-rabbit salute ... a tribute
  c) Joyride 150 Bike Park Opened ... supposed to be packed ... Will try to steal some time there today!
   d) Christmas is approximately 2 days away ... wow

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fire Sale


Email peterglassford AT hotmail.com  if interested / questions

A) Fisher Marlin ... solid for outdoor riding this winter or trainer bike 
- Has seen no snow or Salt - ridden inside since early Dec
- New Chain and tubeless crossmax Rear wheel
- Fenders not included :)

Asking $500 OBO Must sell
* Add powertap for $200 extra

b) New Wired Pro MTB V-Brake Laced to 717 Rim - $700
... No Vbrakes? still great for indoor use ... All Winter !

c) Power Tap - Vbrake - Used mostly on road/gravel 
- $375

D) suunto Tc6 HR monitor - Used very minimal, new strap used once 
- Asking $250 obo ( have 2 of these)

E) Fluid Trainer - Cyclops - Works well
- Asking $150 obo

F) Cyclops Rollers - Best rollers in the world in my opinion
- metal rollers, adjustable resistance (can push over 400w ... well some people can! ) 

- Asking $200 obo (retail $400+)

G) Powertap New Wired Road 32H Comp (32H) (Hub) -$900

H) Shimano Shoes MTB Carbon - Very good condition
- not last years but the year before ... 2007 i suppose
Asking $100 .. retail $350 +

Email peterglassford AT hotmail.com  if interested / questions

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm sure you'd love to be free, maybe go out and meet some Latin guy that can dance,

Solid Weekend of Training with some nice indoor sessions, short and sweet. Having good fun working on coordination at high RPM and some one leg. Trying to match the legend of the Great Garrigan's ( Link - Last lap in world cup cross this weekend!) 10min One leg (each leg) @ 100RPM ... so far 5min solid watts / 90-95RPM.

Also first time I have rode a trainer wearing a toque, winter jacket and full tights (cold garage)

Put forth a solid 'Day and Nite' Dance Saturday Night

Watched Sean Rupel put out a large BBQ fire ... saving a cow or pig's weight in ribs in the process (and the meal) ... made Pad Thai again ... still not perfect but getting closer ... Respiratory Therapist present for this, getting closer to winning her heart ... perhaps with the Pad Thai or aforementioned Day and Night dance skills

Pole Ran on easy day between interval sets at Durham FOrest with Matt P. as well good to be outside in the COLD !

  a) Battery bikes ... oh wow http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/electric_bikes/ride_plus/valenciaplus/
  b) Matt P was telling me about Co-Ops ... like Condos but different LINK
  c) I am going to pole run this loop before I leave for California ... let me know if you are in ... somewhere in the 26th-29th of December LINK
  d) Stoked for California ... times running out though gotta go skiing and Hilands, have some dinner with people and sell a bunch of stuff !

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

You're sitting there, you're wondering, "Do I have food on my face?

 Just sitting around with MattF during a Solid Strength session (for him ... I just cheered him on)

Meal - Moderately more healthy Pad Thai
     1) basically no noodels, i threw in some millet for good measure but just throw some celeri or bok choi stems in there in julliene sticks and you are golden
   1a) Sauce = 3tbs rice vinegar, 1/4cup tomatoe paste, 2tbs noodle water (i used water), 2tbs molasses (i excluded), 2tbs low sodium (gluten free?) soy sauce or tamari  (*i subbed organic ketchup for tomatoe paste and the molasses)
   2) stirfry - 5min = garlic, cabbage, carrot, ( I added Julliene stick of 1/2 beet)
   3) make a 'well' in centre of above stirfry and scramble 5 well beaten egg whites in centre
   4) add noodles (if you choose), sauce for 5min
   5) add beans ( i choose no beans) , zucchini and onion

a) some more 'skiier' training and Speed legs on the trainer, have been doing last few at crossfitorangeville since some work and meetings this week.
b) Nice little strength set today from STeve
WU: 10min active flex  - 10min warmup strength (ski machine, one arm rows, pullups)
     10min tabata single skips (odd double skip)  with short stretch on each off period
Main WO: 1 Pushup / 1 Situp starting on the minute / add 1 rep each minute until you can't get given number in (So minute 2 you do 2 pushup/ 2 situp)
CD- more rowing, some deadlifting, pullups, back ext, manmakers and some quality time on the foam roller

Learn and Hear - 
  - Blackberry service down for much of today to the public customers ... but quarterly earnings up above expected ... 10million new phone shipped this quarter over 80% to public customers ... take that Ipod lovers
Dean Blundell of Edge 102 made me laugh this morning - "It's cold this morning, imagine running with that little bitch" (referring to the Olympic Torch in Toronto)
- For Laurier Grads, or Olympic Sports fans, especially those of Kinesiology blood, and especially those who hail from Pickering ... check out Dr. Stephen Wenn's 20min podcast from Globe and Mail about the Olympic Rings ... Pop Quiz Name the 3 parties that make up the Olympic Tripartite  (LINK)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh, come on, I got four. Okay, here's five.

 Nice start to the week, local roads got cleared a bit so driving isn't nearly as fun

Monday = Steve greeted me with a CP3 on the off day ... always nice. I used it as an excuse to have 2 coffee drinks ... note that Starbucks will charge you less for a decaf americano is you ask for a decaf coffee ... apparently they don't have normal decaf (they use a different blend for two ... I taste it but its cheaper)

= Spiro = 4/2/4/2/4/2 min on 2.8L while watching John Mayer on Ellen ... I want his sweater but not his posture.
= Bike = Bit of Skiier training with some 4min Ints + some afternoon rock lifting at crossfitorangeville  .... did some 1 arm thrusters which were Herculean at 30lb 

Meal = Butterball Turkey ... courtesy of Mom, tasted very salty but I am assured it was of good quality

Overheard: a girl say 'gay-tard' in reference to her friend being less then cooperative or reasonable

Some Stats: In the USA the furthest you can get from a McDonalds is 134miles OR 8.2 Big Mac Meals

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I read it while I was sailing my boat to Bermuda.

 throwing bottles down ... a satisfying trainer activity that Steve got me on too


Best Meal - Dinner Sunday = 2nd 'pancake' of the day
... made of carrot/potatoe/squash/egg/venison/bit of water/cayenne pepper/cumin/pepper/garlic

Saturday Training:
Am- 1.5hr w/ Tempo right out of the ole Bed
PM- 3.5hr Pole run Violet Hil to Hockley/1st line via 2ndline/mono cliffs/dunby
(thanks to mom for picking me up!)

Sunday Training
5hrs endurance including some spiro and trials and pushups at very specific intervals
- Also watched some coverage of US Cross nats
(thanks Jared for letting me know about it!) ... LINK

- Great article in TO Star about the loss of Cursive writing
I have been talking to people a lot about this lately, I think it is important
... apparently will greatly (has greatly) changed brain development, learning skills, ability to communicate verbally, forethought, grasp of spelling/sentence structure and eliminated a major milestone in self esteem

- Also In the middle of Malcom gladwell's newest book 'what the Dog saw' ... its a great collection of his articles in a paper ... LINK

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're a folk-singing group from Salt Lake City!

 Breakfast - 5oz Chicken Breast, Sweet Potatoe, Blue Berries, flax seed, Cereal, avocado, coconut Oil, almond milk ... not all in one bowl

Workout - 90min Fact Test ... thought today was the day to clear 375w, it was not but felt decent (i was being cocky)

Starbucks for 2.5hrs ... Salad + Sardine + akward 10 person group meeting for some sort of amway insurance scheme (spy photo above)  ... almost did the triple serving (double refill) of decaf Americano but remembered that would not be a good idea !


Dinner - Organic Lake Trout and Leek Stir fry ... first time with Leaks, went really well (even though frying leeks is least recomended way to prepare) LINK to prep/cleaning

News - Us Cups (link) fall through ... at least the decent US cups / UCI points ... sort of crappy

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

- Clothes fit. - Ooh.

New Radio Shack Kit ... not great ... http://www.canadiancyclist.com/dailynews.php?id=17951

 Breakfast Today:

a) paleo pancake ... finding that bit more egg whites with some nut flour seems to be working well to reduce clumpiness ... also waiting a bit after beating the 'batter' seems to let things settle a bit. 

b) The Stef Widmer Smoothie over cereal ... one of my favorite things I learned in 2009!

Training Today: 90min coordination ... 3 pyramids from 100-130RPM ... felt really solid after a day of recovery ... might be last day outside on bike for a bit !
* then picked up the intrepid ... apparently still going strong ... perhaps we should risk the drive to California in it !
 + Spirotiger = 7x4min on big bag w/ 20sec recoveries (to send emails !)

Other Stuff

'Doctors' TV Show recomend carrots alone as snack ... not sure, zone diet hates them ... dip them in some nut butter at least ,,, government keeping us safe oh no!!! next the moon landing ! 

Adam ( " you never know whats around the corner...hint hint wink wink" ) and Emily have a secret ... I enjoy this

Matt Paziuk says This just in ...... flights from Buffalo $238 (TOTAL!!!) Roundtrip!!!! You can't pass this up! Link to California Trip 2010

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Monday, December 7, 2009

love where your head's at, and two of 'em actually are.

Solid Weekend

something like 15hrs fri/sat/sun ... a few of those with the effort gauge turned to maximal.

Matt showed me some cool areas around Toronto East (pickering/ajax/oshawa/ whitby)

... some of which turned very Crank the Shield

also drank wine ... and beer can chicken

chased 17 wild horses at midnight (it was dark and horses are bad people)

Listened to Gandhi's Grandson talk about the path of non-violence courtesy of ItunesU
- a few good stories including one about perspective that had several blind people positioned around an elephant ... each described an elephant based on what they could feel (ie. the tusks were sharp/smooth, the legs like thick pillars etc.)  
- But none could describe the elephant as a whole. Had they discussed openly their views they may have been able to create an accurate picture.
- The story was interesting from the religious context it was suggested for but also, i think, applicable to other things in life (like fitness, nutrition, public policy and the moon landing).

Sold a bunch of stuff this weekend, some updates on the for sale page.  also did a bunch of finalizing work for the ole california trip ... if you haven't heard there is a nice place in ventura county that you should think about coming too ... cause it isn't getting any warmer where ever you are ... unless you are sitting beside a micro-furnace

Packed a bunch of Ebay Stuff in my boxers while stretching

 Enjoyed the official release of Canada Cup schedule ... I kept saying it wasn't released yet ... thanks to Head of CCA operations and global marketing super-ness Nick Vipond for the alert.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm exhausted. I've had a very long day.


1hr w/ Tabata and 20min 30/30s

Drive to Trek Store Toronto ... get Bontrager Seat that won't rip my butt apart

Drive to Oshawa, it is warmer here, Endurance Ride up to Uxbridge, then through Durham Forest, back to Oshawa in the Dark ... moderately sketch !

'HomeWreckers' ( or burrito's ala Team Norco ... or Carolinas)


Thought of the Day: 90% of Snowmobile Accidents happen at Night and/or on the Water
(while Riding home in the dark on narrow road north of Oshawa)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I enjoyed your position paper on economic expansion in Micronesia.

  First Snow 2009 in Dufferin = Dual Fenders in Full Effect ... wish I knew about these before now!

Breakfast: Sardine + 2 egg + Collard Green Omlet with Cayenne/Oregano ... better then it sounds :) 

Training: 1.5hrs w/ 3x30sec max and 1x3min Max Test ... rest endurance 90+RPM

Learning: New Guinea is divided by many hills and valleys,
             : the average child will have watched 2 years of TV by their 18th Birthday
             : 18% of Americans can't place the Pacific Ocean on a map
             : More Americans can name location of last Survivor TV show then can locate Afghanistan on a map

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Step on my head when I'm drowning. (should have been title for yesterday)


  - Breakfast = fat = 1/2 Avocado/2tbsp coconut oil / 10nuts / 1/2cup almond milk
                    = Carb = 12gram cereal, 1/2yellow pepper, canti-bowl
                    = Protein = 1 tbsp Cottage Cheese / 4 ounces Tilapia

   - Workout  - Thanks to Crossfit Orangeville for the Facility Today.
     A) 1hr strength w/ 75-100x Bandwalks, rev Crunch, SB Hamcurls, GHD back ext, stepup, burpees
             - as well as rope climb (5x total), Aerodyne (4minx4times), Ski Poling machine (4x1min)
     B)  3hrs Bike endurance LBP -30 ... last hour 100RPM where possible with Gearing
     C)  1hr STrength w/ about ame reps but Kettle bell swing in place of step up. 

   - Song  ( listened to over 15 times )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_6-HQ176k0    -- Fix Your Face Track 9 ... fantastic

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